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1. We haven't chosen a song for our first dance yet, can you help us? Yes, we have lists of hundreds of songs appropriate for use as a first dance. They are categorized by type of dance (foxtrots, waltzes, rumbas, etc.). We can help you choose a song which is appropriate for the occasion, and meaningful to you as a couple, and then teach you to dance to it.

2. We have chosen our song, how do we now learn to dance to it? After you tell us your song, or play it for us, we will determine which dance is appropriate for it, and choreograph the appropriate steps. We will then teach you everything you need to know to perform at your reception: How the man should lead his bride onto the dance floor, how to signal the DJ, how to find the beat in the music, how to take dance hold, how to dance the steps with style and grace, how and when to end the dance, how to acknowledge and play with the audience, how to dip the lady and escort her off the floor, and how to respond to the applause.

3. How long will it take us to learn to dance? If your goal is to simply to be able to dance to your song, most couples take from three to five private lessons to master this, although you will be able to dance after just one lesson. If you would like to be able to dance to the other songs that will be played throughout the evening, we offer inexpensive group classes that teach the basics of a difference dance each week. We also have group classes that teach a single dance (e.g. foxtrot) for several weeks, and some couples find that this type of instruction is all they need to master the first dance.

4. We've left this for the last minute, can you still teach us in time for the wedding?
Yes, we can arrange emergency sessions for you! We teach seven days a week in three locations, so we'll be able to at least give you the basics to do a presentable job! We realize the many demands that the couple has on their time in the days before a wedding, so we keep it simple and fun!

5. Can I really learn to dance? Yes, if you can walk, you can dance. We've been teaching couples to dance since 1984, and have yet to find a couple who couldn't learn.

6. Will I have to sign a contract or pay in advance?
No and no. We are glad to teach you on a pay-as-you-go basis, or, at the students' request, arrange for a package price. The number of lessons a couple takes is entirely up to them and what they feel comfortable with. Our lesson fees are very reasonable, and there is never any pressure put on the students whatsoever. Please see our prices section for specific price information.

7. Will I have a good teacher? Our instructors have been teaching wedding couples for many years and are very experienced in every facet of the wedding dance preparation. Many of our hundreds of happy couples have sent us letters of thanks and sometimes pictures of their performance! Many of our students come to us from word of mouth from a continually growing list of satisfied customers.

8. What dances do you teach? Although most couples dance a foxtrot or a waltz for their first dance, we can also teach you any other ballroom or Latin dance: cha cha, swing, tango, rumba, salsa, merengue, quickstep, hustle, bolero, samba, mambo, Viennese waltz, polka, paso doble, two step, etc. We also offer group classes in all of these dances.

9. My parents (or friends) also want to learn to dance for my wedding. Can you accommodate them?
Yes, they are welcome to take either the group classes or private lessons with you or by themselves. We can arrange special classes for any members of your bridal party or reception guests.

10. Is it possible for your instructors to come our house instead of us coming to your studios? Yes, this can be arranged.

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