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We offer classes for beginners to learn with other couples the basics of all the popular ballroom dances. Our group classes are taught by two instructors, one male and one female, so that the students can see what the dancing should look like, and to give more time for personal help during the class. Both men and women are shown their respective step patterns before getting together with their partners.

Assorted Social Dance Class
This course teaches the basic steps of each of the popular dances - one dance a week. Since this class is not cumulative, it may be started at any time. It runs for six weeks and teaches six different dances: waltz, foxtrot, rumba, cha cha, swing and tango. However, you may also elect to only take the dances you are interested in, by paying by the class, rather than for the entire six-week session.

Single Dance Courses
If you are only interested in learning one of the popular dances, perhaps the one that goes to your song, we offer courses that spend six weeks on one dance. This course will teach you more than enough material for you to be able to dance a variety of attractive figures to your song.


Robert and Phyllis

Wedding Dance Center