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Make Your First Dance Fabulous! Your first dance as husband and wife should show all the romance that brought the two of you together. We can, very affordably, and in a short time, teach you the steps and style that will allow you to dance confidently and beautifully at your wedding reception. You'll have fun and your guests will be amazed!

Private lessons can be arranged by appointment seven days a week. Private lessons are the quickest way to learn to dance to your specific song, and most couples elect to go this route.

With private lessons, we don't just teach you a generic set of steps, but we are able to choreograph for you an entire routine to your song:

  • Your entrance onto the dance floor
  • The signal to the DJ to start the music
  • The taking of dance hold
  • The choosing of appropriate steps to your music and ability level
  • The addition of flourishes, turns or spins to add excitement
  • A dip or other romantic finish to the music
  • The acknowledging of applause
  • A graceful exit off the floor

Dom and Lori

A beautiful first dance can usually be accomplished in as little as three sessions.

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